Trestima Oy

Trestima Oy is a technology company founded in 2012.

We are based in Tampere, Finland.

We manufacture software and services tailored especially for forest industry’s needs.

Our expertise is utilization of machine vision, location based services and mobile technology in demanding practical problem solving and harsh environments.


Company background

“I wonder how many trees there are in this forest” wondered Simo Kivimäki in the winter of 2011 during a skiing trip and the idea for measuring forests by photographing with a mobile phone was born. That idea remained in the background for roughly a year until in 2012 Nokia Ltd, the Finnish phone giant and Kivimäki’s employer that time started ramping down it’s phone manufacturing. Kivimäki told his colleague Timo Rouvinen about the idea who as a forest owner himself was immediately on board and on September 2012 Trestima Ltd was founded.

During the first five years of operation the original idea of “electronic relascope” has transformed into a complete forest information system and TRESTIMA product family. Today a major part of timber sold in Finland is measured with TRESTIMA and the system is used by a number of customer all over the world.

What our customers say


“It is easy to transfer existing forest information to Trestima or to draw potential felling sites with Trestima’s drawing tool based on an aerial photo or orthophoto. This makes it easier to find felling sites in the terrain and take samples (pictures) in the right forest stands. Based on the sample pictures, we get the…

UPM Forestal Oriental

“UPM Forestal Oriental is using TRESTIMA in Uruguay replacing traditional inventories, making this process more efficient. TRESTIMA provides our personnel an efficient and objective tool to collect data to support our preharvest inventories as well as wood acquisition.”

Metsä Group

“Metsä Forest is using Trestima in Finland as part of mobile applications, both for our own forest specialists’ and owner-members. Integrated Trestima module provides our applications with an efficient and objective tool to collect data to support our wood acquisition and supply processes.”

Our Customers and Partners

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Open positions

Trestima is a fast growing software company. We are always on look for new talents to strengthen our team.

Whether you are a master software developer, marketing specialist or just looking for a new career in forest IT industry, we might have a job for you.

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