TRESTIMA® solutions for forest inventory

TRESTIMA® is a new and innovative technology for forest inventory. Forest is measured by taking pictures with a mobile application evenly across the measured forest. The system will calculate the result in minutes. It automatically recognizes tree species and calculates forest variables such as basal area, stem count, volume,  median diameter and height.

TRESTIMA® Forest Inventory System adds accuracy, speed, flexibility and objectivity to forest measurement. You can store different types of GPS-tagged data in the forest and later review your recordings with a computer or mobile device.

For whom?

Forest Managers

Collect forest data by taking pictures and inputting with the mobile application designed for the purpose.

Wood buyers

Measure forest to be cut fast and with ease to make an ad hoc offer.


Make a detailed and accurate estimate of the estate value and share it in a digital format with ease.

Government officials

Record GPS-tagged data in the field and measure growing timber.

Mill gates and Terminals

Measure piles of timber and pulpwood fast and accurately with TRESTIMA® Stack -application.

Forest Owners

Measure the value of your forest with TRESTIMA®-application. Create your free username at

Using TRESTIMA® is easy

Take a walk in the forest and at the same time create an accurate measurement of the forest by taking pictures with the mobile phone application. You can upload or draw forest compartments prior going to the forest after which you can see your own position and compartment borders in the screen. This makes navigation easy and you just have to shoot pictures evenly while you go.

Measuring forests is easy, effective, objective and even fun! Measuring one forest hectare takes on average less than 5 minutes.

Trestima Oy

Trestima Ltd is a private software company founded in 2012. We use location data, machine learning and mobile technology to bring efficiency, ease and accuracy for different measurement needs to our customers in forest industry.

Our Customers

TRESTIMA®-forest inventory systems is used by hundreds of forest owners and companies all over the world. It is trusted by both small entrepreneurs and world’s biggest forest companies.


“It is easy to transfer existing forest information to Trestima or to draw potential felling sites with Trestima’s drawing tool based on an aerial photo or orthophoto. This makes it easier to find felling sites in the terrain and take samples (pictures) in the right forest stands. Based on the sample pictures, we get the…

UPM Forestal Oriental

“UPM Forestal Oriental is using TRESTIMA in Uruguay replacing traditional inventories, making this process more efficient. TRESTIMA provides our personnel an efficient and objective tool to collect data to support our preharvest inventories as well as wood acquisition.”

Metsä Group

“Metsä Forest is using Trestima in Finland as part of mobile applications, both for our own forest specialists’ and owner-members. Integrated Trestima module provides our applications with an efficient and objective tool to collect data to support our wood acquisition and supply processes.”