Tailored for Plantations for maximum accuracy


System automatically generates sample plots for the forest estate so that the desired accuracy criteria is achieved.


Mobile applications guides user to sample plots. A single sample picture is taken in each one towards a predetermined direction.


Information extracted from the sample pictures is combined with local growth models and taper curves in order to calculate the most accurate inventory data as possible.

TRESTIMA® For Plantations is tailored for intensively managed planted forests

In plantation forestry, inventory data must always be reliable and accurate, but still cost-effective. We solved this problem by creating a customized version of the TRESTIMA® Forest Measurement System specifically for plantations, where the measurement process is fully formalized, but still extremely easy.

TRESTIMA® For Plantations generates sample plots in the forest to be measured, the number of which depends on the area of ​​the forest.

The sample plots are displayed in the field staff mobile app, making them easy to navigate.

A single image is taken in each plot in a predetermined direction. The application controls the shooting direction with a compass displayed on the view finder.

Once each plot is described, the measurement is complete.

The system calculates the basal area and the diameter distribution of the trees from the images. The heights for each tree are obtained from local growth models, which can be populated in advance from the customer’s historical data or by entering about 10 height & diameter pairs in different diameter classes for each forest stand. TRESTIMA® uses the Morgan-Mercer-Flodin (MMF) equation as an adapter for growth models.

End result is very accurate (<5% error in 95% of cases) report of all key variables (volume, DBH, number of trees) in the forest.

Advantages of TRESTIMA® For Plantations

TRESTIMA® Forest Inventory System has several benefits over traditional inventory methods:

Measurement is objective

User has no impact to the end result.

Measurement is accurate

Error for key variables is less than 5% in 95% of cases.

Measuring is fast

Inventory typically takes less than five minutes per hectare for a single person.

Easy deployment

Training of field staff takes less than a day.

No human errors

The fieldwork process is so streamlined that making mistakes is very difficult. In addition, errors arising from the placement of traditional fixed area plots are eliminated.

Access all features

You also have access to all the traditional TRESTIMA® system features and data transfer options.


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