TRESTIMA Stack is an easy to use tool for measuring log piles

– just follow these four steps


Use TRESTIMA application to shoot a picture of the pile. TRESTIMA-yardstick or similar needs to be visible in the picture.


Mark roughly the area where log heads are searched by the machine vision.


Mark your yardstick carefully in the picture (only needed when official TRESTIMA yardstick is not used).


Input average length of the logs in the pile

TRESTIMA™ Stack is suitable for measuring all kinds of piles:

Roadside and in the forest

Truck loads

Terminals and storage yards

Production yards

Benefits of TRESTIMA Stack

  • Fast and accurate measurement of piles volume and DBH distribution and log count
  • Measuring speed more than 100 m3/min per user
  • Measuring of long piles with several pictures
  • Automatically compensate for log heads not visible in pictures
  • Detailed results:
    • Total volume of the pile
    • DBH distribution of logs
    • Total log count
    • Automatic coefficient factor for density
    • Pile dimensions
    • Location of the pile on map
Trestima Oy - Ohjelmistoja, palveluja ja työkaluja erityisesti metsäteollisuuden käyttöön

Piles that can’t be fitted into single picture can be measured with several pictures. The system doesn’t need to recognize every log head as the calculation is based on pile’s surface area, log length and automatically defined coefficient factor for density.


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